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ADULT 1250
CHILD 1000 (3-09 YEARS)

Papikondalu are three in number situated like a wall in the midst of holy river Godavari, nearly 100 KM far from Rajahmundry. Every Tourist visited Papi hills on luxury cruise have enjoyed scenic beauty.

Places covered :
Gandipochamma Temple, Papi hills, Perantapalli Ashramam and Temple.

View on Boat :
Polavaram Project Area, Devipatnam, Koruturu Cottages,sirivaka-bamboo-huts, Kolluru Bamboo huts.

Package Includes :
Break fast, Vegetarian Lunch with mineral water.

Tour Schedule :
Time Details of journey

7:30 AM Road journey to Pattiseema revu/ Polavaram revu/ Purushothapatnam revu to check in Boat

9:00 AM Breakfast in the Boat, then journey starts on Holy River Godavari 10.30 AM Reach GandiPochamma Temple and darshan.

1.00 PM Vegetarian lunch in the Boat while on journey 
2.00 PM Reach Papihills, journey in between "Papi hills" enjoy the scenic beauty 3.00 PM  Reaches Perantapalli village of Khammam district Visit "Ramakrishna muni vatika" (Ashramam) and Veereswara Swamy Temple and darshan of god Shiva 3.30 PM Return journey by Boat to Pattiseema revu /Polavaram revu /Purushothapatnam revu. 

7.30 PM Road journey to Rajahmundry, 
8.30 PM Reach Rajahmundry.